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Workshops and Events

437760391Sometimes, you have to get out of the office!

I enjoy building connections with the community and providing services outside the office setting.

Workshops and events allow me to offer education and training on topics I see folks struggling with routinely.

I also appreciate the dynamics you can only get in the group setting. By working with others, you see that you’re not the only one struggling and benefit from the group’s wisdom.

And these events let me team up with other practitioners to bring different healing approaches into one offering. I have worked with art teachers, health coaches, and other yoga practitioners to build events offering a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression.

We can slow down and connect on different themes through workshops and events using mindfulness practices and creative expression.

Workshops Img 2Let’s meet up and learn!

Through my various trainings and experiences in the therapy room, I work to develop workshops that cover topics that are helpful to a variety of audiences.

Our fast-paced world and overstimulated minds can all benefit from a few hours or maybe a weekend of learning practices to incorporate into our lives. They help with down-regulation and allow building community with others.

The workshops and retreats provide practices and concepts that can be helpful to anyone that needs to create space in their lives for slowing down and creating space for connection with self and others. I encourage the integration of practices and ideas discussed outside of the learning space to make lifestyle shifts that create lasting change.

My concerns about the lack of community in the world have led me to build workshops where people can come together and not feel alone.

If you have a need or an idea for a workshop covering a particular topic or would like to work with me to build something specific, I am willing to hear your ideas and work with you to develop something unique and beneficial for the population you are trying to serve.

My offerings are also available for companies to utilize for team-building and introducing mindfulness and nature connection into the work environment. Please contact me to develop the perfect program for your individual or group needs!

Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

1828137338Here are some of my past workshops and events…

“Renew and Connect” Nature Retreat

My favorite offerings are nature retreats incorporating yoga, mindfulness practices, and nature connection into one weekend. This is experienced through direct connection with the natural world, creative expression, and educational opportunities on certain topics.

We spend a relaxing weekend exploring and noticing the effects of spending time in the natural world on our minds, bodies, and souls.

129046898“Finding Love Within”

Short on time? This “mini” workshop is beginner friendly, only 1.5 hours long but provides valuable practices to help build self-compassion and love toward self. This is often put on the back burner as we take care of others in our lives.

Developing a safe space to build community and share our thoughts and feelings is always a priority at the start of any workshop. The utilization of journaling, meditation, yoga asana practice, and steps to set a SMART goal were all parts of our time together.

220848235“Making a Mindful Change”

Looking for a little more self-care? This three-hour workshop is a great way to start the new year or get you into the right mindset when looking to change your life journey.

This is another beginner-friendly offering co-hosted with Amy Roadman from Igniting Creativity. Various aspects of yoga practices, including visualization, breathing work, and asana are mixed with the creation of art to express some of the ideas that come to us throughout our time together.

Combining yoga practices and art helps you connect with your creative self and allows space for you to be more open-minded and curious in your journey.

645682768Embracing Your Authenticity: Workshop Series for Teens

This workshop series is beginner friendly and runs for six weeks, with each session being 1.5 hours long.

The workshop is informed from the guideposts taken from Brené Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection and put into action through mind-body experiences including but not limited to meditation, breath work, yoga asana, creation of art, journaling, and insights gained from group wisdom.

Participants will leave each session with new insight about the designated topic through unique mind-body experiences in a safe and compassionate space. More workshops are being developed for this population.

Works in progress…

I am working to develop offerings that would benefit couples looking to fine-tune their relationship with a blend of educational opportunities taken from The Gottman Method and incorporate them with fun activities to build connection. If you are struggling to find fun date night ideas and don’t feel like doing the same old thing all the time… you may want to keep an eye out for this offering.

Putting my Grief Yoga certification into practice has been a long time coming with the impact of COVID. Stay tuned for a 4-5 week offering that will explore all the phases of Grief Yoga at a deeper level. We will dive deep into the idea of awareness, expression, connection, and surrender, concluding with a session that will incorporate all of the ideas together and some creative arts expression.

Please be patient as I put all my ideas together to make offerings that will provide therapeutic opportunities through unique experiences for you along your journey.

A different way to get the practices and ideas that you are seeking…

I make workshops and retreats enjoyable by providing a safe and compassionate environment that puts participants at ease.

Are you ready to discover new ways to practice and share ideas to help make the changes you have been seeking?

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“I enjoyed everything about the weekend. The activities provided me with opportunities to try things I would not normally have tried on my own. The whole experience was thought-provoking and really gave me a chance to reflect on the things in my life that are important and recognize the things that maybe do not deserve so much of my time.”


“Faith’s workshop was the perfect balance of gentle yoga, journal prompts, and sharing and connecting with the other participants. This was a nice way to put us into a great mindset to start out the week with a takeaway of a smart goal that is truly attainable.”


“This was a well-crafted and effective class. I was comfortable, felt welcome, and well taken care of. The pace of the class was perfect, allowing time for processing and completing the exercises. And bottom line, I got the spiritual reset I was hoping for. The masterful use of journaling, yoga, and art in a gentle, accepting way, made my change work rather easy and fun. Thank you, Faith and Amy, for a precious experience.”