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About Therapy

Img 1393Few have a clear linear path through life.

Most people have more of a roller coaster ride through life than a clear straight path from point A to B.

We face various transitions, and sometimes they can be a challenge. The transition from high school to adulthood may seem overwhelming to us.

Maybe, it’s navigating a committed relationship with your partner and all the phases of that journey.

We sometimes get a little stuck in some of these transitions and feel alone in the struggle. Being overwhelmed by “all of the things” can sometimes even stop our progress completely.

I’m here to sit beside you on this roller coaster ride and help you navigate the challenges you may face. I provide a compassionate and caring space for you to process your struggles and help you find the answers that are within you.

We work to build mindfulness into a daily routine so that you can always have a place to feel grounded and secure in facing things. Developing a plan of small changes and working together to implement them into your life will help your roller coaster ride be less scary and maybe a little more exciting.

2189919519Turbulence ahead…

We often allow things to pile on top of us rather than deal with things as they come into our lives. Depending on how we coped with things in our families, this can look various ways.

Self-regulation may be challenging for us, and we are reactive to things rather than being more reflective. We find ourselves snapping at our co-workers and family members. Maybe, we even say hurtful things that are causing the deterioration of our relationship with our partner.

We just swallow everything that happens to us and keep everything inside. This may manifest itself in a variety of ways. We experience aches and pains from holding tension in our bodies. Headaches and problems focusing become a typical part of our day. We rush to the emergency room, thinking we are having a heart attack, and are told that our symptoms result from stress and anxiety.

The popular attitude to “keep busy” allows us to pretend that nothing is happening. We just go about our lives allowing feelings and thoughts not to be expressed and plow through life until one day it finally catches up with us. There is a raging river in the background of our life, and we are just standing there saying, “everything is fine.”

1085641556Old patterns are hard to break!

I get it!

We have learned to cope with things in a particular way, and even though it may not be serving us anymore, it is what we know and feels comfortable to us. Change is hard and quite a process – maybe that seems like one more thing you’re not ready to take on.

However, you are starting to recognize things and see the impact of your current lifestyle. You notice the negative cycles of interaction, the hurt, and the overall sense of drowning. You know there may be a better way to move through your life: a more positive perspective, joy, and a sense of lightness.

Peaks and valleys happen, but you do not have to get stuck in one particular place for long. Put your game face on, and let’s get to work!

There may be some setbacks, but with each step, you will grow closer to a more authentic you.

He has half the deed done, who has made a beginning.

– Horace, Epistles

1898560060Sometimes, we have to do a complete 180…

Let’s look at you and the systems you encounter daily to develop awareness and understanding of where some of your struggles may stem. Once we have this awareness, we can work together to identify what changes you want to make in these different areas.

We may prioritize what areas you want to focus on initially, so it does not seem so overwhelming. Developing a way to stay grounded through mindfulness practices is also a priority so that we have strong roots to grow from when things get tough.

Our work may include some education around communication, or it may look like some self-inquiry work through questions and journaling practices. Normalization of some of the emotions, thoughts, and struggles you are experiencing is helpful to know that you are not alone in things. Challenging negative thought patterns or self-talk, we shift you from old patterns to ones that will help you flourish.

Reframing how you look at things through a holistic lens, we can examine what you’re consuming and its impact and let go of things no longer serving you. We can then begin feeding your mind, body, and soul with things that will assist in your journey toward your authentic self rather than what everyone else expects.

Img 7132Why choose Small Things Often?

I believe that sometimes the smallest changes can lead to some big results.

I pride myself in helping people try something new and encouraging them to “notice what they notice” after putting it into action. There is no “good” or “bad.” It is always just what you are noticing.

You do not have to feel guilty because you didn’t follow through with something we discussed – you just have to take notice of the impact of not putting it into play and move forward from there.

Some of my further training has helped me be a good listener and ask questions so that individuals can come up with answers already inside them. I work to empower people rather than make them feel they need to rely on me for answers. Yes, I will provide some guidance at times, but ultimately you have to live with the choices you make on your journey.

I bring a unique blend of modalities to the table, ranging from further training based on researched practices from my Gottman Training to things newer to the therapy world involving yoga and nature.

I am a lifelong learner and seek new opportunities that will best serve my clients and their struggles.

My systemic training as a Marriage & Family Therapist blends nicely with my further training as a holistic practitioner allowing me to look at how things may be impacting someone rather than getting caught up in one specific aspect of their life.

Can you trust me with all of this?

I have been working in the mental health field in some capacity for over the past 23 years. During that time, I have worked in various positions, which has allowed me to develop and fine-tune my therapeutic skills in dealing with different struggles.

My ability to build a therapeutic relationship with clients has been a strength of mine identified by my professors since graduate school and continues on today.

I provide a nonjudgmental space and accept people where they are currently in their journey. You may think your situation is too chaotic to change, but I am no stranger to chaos and am willing to be the anchor you need while developing your roots to remain strong.

About Me

AdminMy road to becoming a therapist…

Would you believe that I started in nursing? That’s where I had my first encounter with a patient that had developmental disabilities. I loved working with this population so much that I returned to school and took my career in that direction. I had found my niche in the world.

My life then took a few detours, and I landed in the world of mental health as a crisis worker. I got really good at maintaining a calm demeanor in the face of whatever crisis was thrown my way.

I connected to people and built trust with them easily. I was attuned to their pain and became a good listener, asking probing questions to understand where they were coming from with their current struggles.

By now, I imagine you’ve put two and two together to see how I ended up doing therapy!

Some of my specific training…

Working in private practice, I began to explore and fine-tune how best to guide my clients in a way that felt authentic to me.

I received more specialized training in the Gottman Method of couples counseling and completed other training to support couples as they transition into parenthood, including managing post-partum.

My own experience with grief and loss led me to pursue helping others through those difficult times, so I became a Certified Grief Counselor.

The feeling of being centered, peaceful, and creative in the natural world led me to learn more about mindfulness practices. I gained knowledge about the benefits of yoga and, after my initial 200-hour training, moved forward with becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist. My love of nature and its benefits led me to want to share this with others, and I became a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.

When I’m not doing therapy…

You will probably find me wandering around in nature somewhere. It may be on a bicycle, SUP, or my own two feet.

I enjoy taking others out into nature and providing space for them to connect with and experience all the wonders nature has to offer us. I typically go on a yearly solo trip to explore and have alone time to renew and recharge my mind, body, and soul.

My most recent adventure is working toward visiting all the state parks in Pennsylvania. Did you know there are 121 of them, with three more in development?!

Let me guide you on your journey!

Are you ready to start a new journey where you feel more empowered and grounded?

Ready to let go of comfort and work toward change?

Then let’s take that first step.

We can schedule your free 20-minute consultation to discuss what you are currently facing, answer questions, and ensure that we are a “good fit” to work together.