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Offering services to teens and young adults, ages 15-30…

621739505 1If the world knew what you were thinking…

Dear Diary,

I wake up feeling overwhelmed and worried about the day ahead of me. Twenty different things are running through my head, and it’s hard for me to focus on getting myself out of the door on time.

At school, I struggle to stay focused and often forget to complete an assignment or realize I forgot something at home. I get called on to speak in front of the class, and my heart begins to race.

Journal entry:

It’s now a struggle being with my friends. Maybe that’s why I rarely feel like hanging out with them. I would much rather stay in my room by myself.

Sometimes, I scroll through social media to pass the time or cure my boredom, but that usually makes me feel even worse because everyone else seems to have so much fun and excitement.

It’s hard to talk about my thoughts and feelings because all my friends are struggling, too. I feel isolated and alone with all this swirling in my head.

Who can I talk to about all of this?

Who can I turn to for a listening ear?

630425858The transition into adulthood has changed over the years.

Young folks face pressures from all angles: home, peers, school, social media, and our culture.

Your parents don’t understand where you’re coming from, and discussions with them often result in an argument. There isn’t a lot of time together as a family. You feel like you’re always on the go to the next thing. You see your parents arguing and worry what may happen. There is always tension in the household.

Friends seem to come and go, making it difficult to feel connected with anyone. You often miscommunicate through text messages and rarely talk with them in real time. Everyone seems to be struggling with their issues, and you don’t know how to support them. They are not available to hear your story. Sometimes, you feel alone in this world.

The pressure you feel about school is overwhelming. You feel like you have to take all the classes to ensure you are eligible to attend a good college or get the dream job. Transitioning into “adulthood” seems a little scary, and you are unsure of what to expect. A lot of decisions need to be made in a short time. You feel unprepared to face the world alone.

You spend endless hours on social media comparing yourself and your life to others. Scrolling through, you wonder why your life seems dull compared to others and why everyone else seems so happy and fulfilled. You have an embarrassing moment; the next thing you know, a video is posted on social media.

Fast-paced and striving for the next thing is valued and encouraged – if you allow yourself time to breathe, you are missing out on something. You have to work hard to get anywhere. If you want all of the “things,” you better not be “lazy.” There are a lot of changes occurring in our world, and sometimes they seem overwhelming to you. You worry about what the future holds for our planet.

Be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete.

– Lao Tzu

75076102Help is here!

Creating a strong therapeutic relationship…

I work to understand your world and what struggles you may be facing. Curiosity about the music you like, the activities you enjoy, and your relationships are all things that I appreciate hearing about from you.

Listening to your concerns…

I provide a caring and compassionate space. I listen to hear where you are coming from with your concerns. We then work to set attainable goals specific to you and what you want to accomplish during our time together.

Teaching you self-awareness…

We work to slow things down and build in time for self-reflection. I may ask you where you feel certain things in your body and what you notice in specific situations. Journaling or creating ways to note them outside our time together is important in building awareness.

Building resilience to the world’s pressures…

Processing the pressures you feel… I may challenge you to explore what’s important to you. What are YOUR beliefs and values about certain things rather than taking on what others may be trying to tell you? How does it feel when you allow these pressures to take over, and how can you work to get back on your path?

Learning to communicate more effectively…

Building ways to communicate with others is a skill that will serve you throughout your life. I will provide some education about ways to state your feelings and desires in a way that will be heard. We also practice listening skills that work toward building understanding with others rather than becoming escalated.

Guiding you toward your authentic self…

All of these things will help you stay true to who you are and not allow outside pressures to pull you the wrong way. We are all on a journey to finding our gifts and true purpose in this life… let’s walk together to discover yours.

1855133764Building community is important. That’s why…

In addition to offering individual sessions, I provide group services so you can get support from your peers.

A sense of belonging is a basic need of all humans. Group settings provide a safe and compassionate space that helps fulfill this need to belong to something bigger than yourself – an opportunity not to feel so alone in your struggles. A place to learn from other people’s experiences and grow together. Finally, a time and space set aside just for you to take care of yourself in a welcoming environment.

Attending a group is a wonderful option to supplement the individual therapy you are already receiving or as a stand-alone offering to keep you on the right track. I am happy to communicate with other services you may be working with if you are willing to give permission.

If you’re here for your child…

Your child is struggling, and you are unsure of how to help them.

You may wonder what therapy looks like for your child and how you will be a part of their healing journey.

You play an essential role in your child’s mental health, and yo will need to be a part of their treatment.

This looks different for every family. As we meet and build a therapeutic relationship, I gain better insight into your unique family dynamics and how we may best work together.

I welcome you to call and schedule a free 20-minute consultation to ensure we are a good fit for services and ask any questions you may have.

A soft place to land…

Having a place to feel safe, heard, and NOT judged is important as you navigate the various transitions you face as a teen or young adult.

You are ready to face transitions in a more centered and confident way. You know that you want tools to serve you throughout your journey.

Let me be your guide in that knowing.