Don’t let your struggles become your identity.

Eliminate the chaos and flourish.

Individual Counseling in Ligonier and Telehealth in Pennsylvania

The weight of life keeps you trapped in the mud.

You feel like something is missing.

Everyone else is dancing in the rain, but you’re still stuck in the storm.

You struggle to navigate life’s changes. Overlooked for the promotion you wanted when you’re the first in the office and last to leave.

So much of your time and energy is spent making sure your partner is happy and giving them everything they need. But you feel unappreciated when they ask for more and give you nothing in return.

You fill your schedule with “things” to distract you from the feelings rising to the surface.

The noise from the outside world is so loud. “Do this… be that… it’ll never happen…”

You can’t find your voice in the chaos.

Taking care of yourself never makes your “to-do” list.

But your whole world is sinking.

Knowing what step to take next seems overwhelming, and you begin to feel paralyzed.

You reach a tipping point, and everything crashes around you.

Maybe you blow up at the coworker who was promoted. Or you snap when your partner asks you something and start an argument.

Sometimes you find yourself crying, and you have no idea why. Sleep only happens in small spurts. Your brain just won’t shut off.

Make sense of the chaos.

Give yourself a safe space to process your emotions and finally feel heard.

Through this process, answers to your next step can arise. Working together to find your voice and communicate your desires will help you feel more empowered to face things.

Ground yourself with mindfulness tools you can use anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Through yoga therapy, we can explore various forms of meditation to find one that works for you. We can develop a movement practice to build into your workday. Exploring different yoga philosophies can help you shift perspectives or gain insights.

Let’s look at the big picture.

We work to look at your whole system and don’t get hyper-focused on just one aspect. This holistic approach helps us make lifestyle shifts that nourish your whole self.

You deserve to feel nourished so that you can flourish.

We’ll work together to uncover roadblocks and take time to “notice what you notice” new changes you are trying to incorporate.

Practicing ways to feel centered in session can make you feel more confident about taking it outside the office setting.

Learning about you and the systems you are involved in comes naturally to me, and this is how we keep a more holistic approach throughout your sessions.

It’s time to make yourself a priority.

Feel comfortable saying “no” to yet another activity you don’t want to attend.

Learn how to listen to your body, and allow yourself to rest and recharge daily.

Armed with the knowledge that change is a constant, you’ll move through life with more awareness and meet each change feeling more empowered.

Get back to your authentic self.

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