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You feel a sense of dread as you pull into your driveway.

You notice your partner is home for the day and dread going inside.

You say the obligatory “hello” and receive cold silence in return.

There will probably be an argument later, but you’re just too tired and lonely to care anymore.

Fighting back the tears as you lay in bed, you wonder if you can still save this relationship.

Not prioritizing your relationship has rippling effects.

Your children learn about intimate relationships from what you model to them.

How you feel physically and mentally can decline because of the strained relationship.

Lawyers and time spent in court will impact your job and finances.

If the relationship ends, your children have to adjust to new lives, including moving between two homes and splitting holidays.

Rebuild your relationship from its core.

Gottman’s research has shown what happy long-term couples do to make a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Using the framework of the Sound Relationship House, we work together to ensure that all areas of your house are solid.

We’ll ensure that you regularly engage in the identified areas that make up your friendship-based items.

This allows space for better communication and will enable us to work on you avoiding the ‘four horsemen’: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. Avoiding the four horsemen will increase the odds that what you are communicating is heard and understood by your partner.

You’ll learn to reach compromises rather than getting stuck in the same argument with no solutions. A focus on trust and commitment will hold all of these things together.

Cultivate transparency that leads to trust.

Acknowledging your commitment to each other will keep you in a positive mindset and remind you always to make your marriage a priority.

I offer a research-based approach that guides our work together. Practicing real-time communication allows you to practice skills in a safe space, with me guiding you through the process.

I work with you to stay regulated during interactions through mindfulness practices, which creates space to allow for downregulation. This helps with communication from escalating and allows opportunities for you to work on issues that keep you stuck.

A sense of fun and excitement is also infused through building your friendship base, and we brainstorm ways to bring passion back into your relationship.

Change the dynamic of your relationship.

Feel connected to your partner so you can communicate freely and effectively.

Don’t wait for things to get worse.

Build a future working together as a team before you drift further apart.

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